About Us

In the fall of 1993, several local business representatives met informally to discuss their rising health care costs. At that time, President Bill Clinton was discussing universal health care, a concept that concerned the employers who offered a self-insured insurance plan to their employees. The employers discussed the importance of keeping health care locally managed and how this concept could be implemented with minimal to no state or federal intervention. Within six months, the small group developed into a large group of over 100 individuals who were civic leaders, employers, employees, and other community residents.

In the spring of 1994, a consultant was hired to guide the "group" through the development of a community-based program that would enable employers to offer cost effective health care to their employees. The name "Patoka Valley Regional Health Care Cooperative" was adopted, and later changed to “Patoka Valley Health Care Cooperative” by the group. The Cooperative became incorporated in May of 1994 and an eleven-member Board of Directors was assembled. In the fall of 2004, the Cooperative developed a program that also allowed access to the Patoka Valley Health Care Network for employers who offered a fully insured insurance plan to their employees.

The Cooperative is an Indiana based, non-profit, taxable corporation. The Board of Directors currently consists of seven employer members, three physician members, and one hospital administrator. The Board met weekly for an extended period of time during the development phase of the Cooperative and currently meets on a bi-monthly schedule. On January 1, 1995, the Cooperative "opened its door" and on January 30, 1995, a UR nurse was hired. Currently, the Cooperative has a full-time Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, UR Nurse, and a part-time Medical Director. The Cooperative began operation with about 1,800 insured employees and today covers over 12,000 insured employees.