In an emergency, your health insurance will process the bill at the IN NETWORK benefit since you did not plan the emergency and you are not expected to call the Cooperative office in an emergency.

Every employer plan has specific language that deals with how an emergency room visit is paid. Some employers have an emergency room "deductible" when you use the emergency room. Some employers have a "penalty" that is applied if you go to the emergency room and you are NOT admitted to the hospital. Make sure you check with your employer or TPA if you have any questions about how an emergency room visit will be paid.

It is important that you do NOT use the emergency room for services that are not considered an emergency. Careful consideration should be taken when determining the usage of the emergency room services, however, only you can determine if you are having an emergency. It is important that you utilize your primary care physician to guide you through the services that are needed for your specific situation.